#ThatNSSLife: This NSS Person Shares Their Working From Home Experience For 6 Months Due To Covid-19

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Editor’s Note: The subject of this story requested to be anonymous and thus will be referred to as Kwesi.

Though he was expected to start his national service in September 2020, Kwesi had to wait till January 2021 to officially begin; and even that, he had to work from home due to Covid-19.

Kwesi graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Scienece and Technology (KNUST) in 2020 with a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration (major in Marketing).

He was posted to the Ghana National Petroluem Corporation (GNPC), Head Office – Tema for his mandatory national service.

Kwesi describes his national service experience as “challenging”, as he had to work from home for the most part of the service period, and had to learn new skills quickly in order to get accustomed to the new normal in the corporate world due to Covid-19.

“We had most of our service done online away from the office,” he said. “The real service started around January to July and throughout Janury to June, we were working online from home.”

“I had to deal with working online throughout almost the whole day and having to have meetings and working from home. It was a new challenge for me though but then, I had to cope with it.”

“But then in as much as Covid did us a lot of harm, it also helped us to learn more into the internet world,” he added.

Ghana National Petroluem Corporation (GNPC), Head Office – Tema

After working from home for six months (January to June 2021), Kwesi and his NSS colleagues had the opportunity to finally work from the office in July.

“We went to the office in the month of July. It was a one month period but there was a two week schedule for each and everyone,” he said. “The people I met when I went to the office were very friendly. In as much as Covid didn’t allow us to get more office time and experience, I was still able to catch up a lot with the office work.”

Kwesi, however, revealed that the short period he was able to spend at the office was an exciting one, especially with his supervisor.

“My boss was very good to me so I had a lot of experiences.. she also took me to lunch most of the time. I was able to meet the big, big men in the company, and did a lot of company works and it was fun.”

“But the best experience I had was the opportunity to make decisions in the company, and as a young marketer coming up, it wasn’t a bad experience.”

“I also learnt new work skills during my time at the office including filing, report writing, and proper oil and gas marketing,” he added.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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