#ThatNSSLife: 11 Final Year Students Share What They Look Forward To Ahead Of Their NSS

National Service Scheme (NSS) Registration

In the early hours of Monday, August 30, 2021, some prospective personnel received postings for the 2021/2022 national service year, after they logged onto their National Service Scheme (NSS) dashboards, resulting in a whole frenzy and trend on social media.

However, the postings were shortly later withheld; and Gifty Oware-Aboagye, the Deputy Executive Director of NSS, in an interview on GTV’s Breakfast Show, following the incident indicated that the postings for the 2021/2022 service year had not been released yet.

She noted that as part of the processes involved in releasing the postings, SMS messages will be sent to all prospective national service persons, something that has not been done yet.

“It is not true postings have been released because when we release postings we send SMS to all our personnel which has not been done. Rather, what happened was, last night, as a process of always wanting to see how our interface looks like, we opened our interface,” she explained.

Gifty Oware-Aboagye

She added: “There are still national service personnel who are apprehensive and are always online to check if it (postings) were released. So, in the course of the process, some of them saw it and they kept opening the system…so then they were able to access it.”

Gifty Oware-Aboagye further attributed the delay in releasing the postings to the discrepancies in the completion dates for the various public tertiary institutions.

She stated that it is impossible for them to release postings while students are yet to complete their education.

“You’re supposed to be a graduate before you do service so the effects on academia are also affecting us. Almost all our processes are done, we are only waiting for schools to finally say that ‘we are done with school, our people have graduated’ then we can proceed for National Service to commence.”

As the prospective personnel for the 2021/2022 national service year await their postings, we spoke to some of them to understand their expectations, how confident they are of getting a “good posting”, as well as the skills they hope to acquire during their national service.

KNUST students

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

In conversation with Yayra, Fredrick, Jason and Louis of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), they shared some interesting perspectives on their upcoming national service postings.

While Yayra, a Materials Engineering student, has applied to undertake her service year at the KNUST Exam Office based on recommendation, Frederick (BSc. Agriculture) and Louis (BSc. Business Administration) are believing and trusting God for a “good posting.”

“Honestly, I’m very confident of getting a good posting because this is Ghana and anything can happen,” Louis said. “But I’m hoping that I get posted to an organization with good repute that will help in furthering my skills and broaden my human resource knowledge.”

Jason (Bsc. Mechanical Engineering), on the other hand, indicated that he is 80% confident of being posted to an engineering company to which he applied.

“I am like 80% confident. Hoping for the best and I’m looking forward to be posted there,” he said.

All four of them, however, stated that they will opt to change their postings if they don’t get their preferred institutions or a “good posting.”

On the skills that they hope to pick up during national service, they all want to get better with regards to teamwork, build their interpersonal communication skills, and other skills that will help me navigate their way through the corporate world.

UG students

University Of Ghana legon
The Balme Library, University Of Ghana. Photo credit: UG.EDU.GH

We also spoke to Suzzy (Bsc. consumer science), Etornam (B.A Political Science), Raph (B.A Geography), and Kingsley (BSc. Chemistry) of the University of Ghana, who are all not so confident that they will get a “good posting.”

Suzzy and Raph indicated that they have not applied to any institution and are about 50% confident of getting a “good posting.”

Kingsley, even though he has also not applied to any institution is, however, “very confident” of getting a “good posting”. “It does not hurt to be optimistic,” he said.

Etornam, on the other hand, stated that is also confident of getting a good posting because “he has put measures in place”. “My friend’s uncle works at NSS, so we have connections,” he said with a smile. “But if I don’t get a good posting, I’ll call and insult them,” he jovially added.

Whether “good posting” or not, Kingsley indicated that he will go wherever he is posted and will not opt to change his posting.

Suzzy, however, said she will change her posting if it’s “not good”, while Raph said will also opt for a change “if it’s possible.”

UCC and TTU students

University of Cape Coast (UCC). credit: ucc.edu.gh

We also had a conversation with three other students – Fiifi and Brown of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and Grace of Takoradi Technical University (TTU).

For Fiifi, he stated he’s not bothered about the posting because he’s assured of a place after applying to serve as a teaching assistant at his department for his national service.

Brown, however, is trusting God for a “good posting”. “I’m super confident in God, cause God is in control,” he said. “But I will change it for sure, can’t waste a year in a shitty workplace,” he added.

Grace, a Secretaryship and Management Studies at TTU, on other hand, is more concerned about getting posted to the region of her choice and said she is “0% confident” that it will happen.

“I’m not confident because I may not get the organisation or region of my choice,” she said. “My exceptions are that I would be posted to the region of my choice and my field of study so I can be able to acquire practical training from what I was taught.”

“I hope to acquire administrative skills like I was taught in school/ I hope for better working experience and enjoy the environment I would find myself,” she added.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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