Music Makers! Use This Hack To Share Your Music Easily On All Platforms

Photo by Suvan Chowdhury from Pexels

For the boys who started going to recording studios in SHS the current possibilities when it comes to getting your music out, are a dream. There are so many streaming platforms that you can have your music on in order to earn a passive income on streams even while you wrap up your degree in the university. It’s great that there are a whole number of places where you can share your music but soon that gets exhausting.

And that’s where this service makes things easier. You can share a single link and people can just click that link to pick the platform of their choice. Creating one of these universal links just happens to be super easy. How easy? This easy:

Go to Listen.It and fill this super simple sign up form.

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Fill out this straightforward form for a new release.

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Next just enter all the different links to your project on the various streaming platforms.

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And that’s it. You hit save and you get a single link to your project on all streaming platforms. Listen. Its dashboard also has the added benefit of allowing you to track the number of clicks that your link is getting.



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