Kwaku DMC’s “Aye Hu” Cover Art Takes You On A Trip Through History

Aye Hu Cover Art

After the release of Jay Bahd’s “Y3 Ye Dom,” Kwaku DMC has teamed up with Jay Bahd, O’kenneth, and Reggie for the new single “Aye Hu.”

The Asakaa group has recently been highlighting certain scenes and topics from the Kumasi History, using their music as a form of oral tradition to retell the stories of old. “Aye Hu” is a follow-up to Kwaku DMC’s previous release titled ‘Barima’ officially premiered in July.


Kwaku DMC revealed the song was recorded 500 Days Today and in a tweet Kwaku DMC said “500 Days Today,We Recorded Aye Hu, was the wait worth it Thinking, I’m just asking for @JayBahd1 @ygaokenneth @ReggieOsei1 @LifeLivingRec @ol_ladygh.”

The cover art for the song is from the Battle of Nsamankow.

The Battle of Nsamankow was a battle between the United Kingdom and the Ashanti Empire that took place in 1824 as part of the First Anglo-Ashanti War. The British force under Charles MacCarthy was defeated by an Ashanti force. This war forms part of a total of four Anglo-Ashanti wars; the Nsamankow war (January 21, 1824), the Akatamanso war (August 1, 1826), Sagrenti war (March 14, 1874), and Yaa Asantewaa war (March 25, 1900). The main reason for the war was the struggle for economic power between the Ashantis and the Fantes.

According to the Cover artist Kofi Money, he said “And I’m proud to be a part of this “CLASSIC ASAKAA” piece If only they knew how old “AYE HU” cover artwork is, the inspiration behind the project and the number of experimentations we did before finally dropping this project.”

Source: Kuulpeeps

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