If Your Man Isn’t Loyal To These People, He Will Never Be Loyal To You

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Guys are simple to understand, they like to do things out of habit. They tend to go to the same spot over and over again and if they change it, they don’t feel right. They are extremely loyal to certain types of people in their lives. If your man isn’t loyal to these people, chances are he isn’t loyal to you either.

1. His barber

If your man jumps from barber to barber then we are very sorry to be the carriers of bad news but it is what it is. Your man is an ashawo. The only time men will decide to use someone else is if they have no choice at all. There are people who move from Osu to Tema just for a haircut because of loyalty but your man is jumping from barbershop to barbershop? Tueh!

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2. Food joints

He has a favourite gob3 seller, favourite waakye joint, favourite fried yam seller and favourite Koko place. They are so loyal that the women who sell these foods know them by their names and they sometimes just go to gist help them in selling. That’s why they’ll buy waakye GHS 3 and it looks as if they bought twice the amount. If your boyfriend buys anything from anyone without having favourites, aren’t you scared? Do we need to spell it out for you?

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3. Football clubs

Even if they suck, they’ll stay by the team. Even if they keep getting heartbroken, they’ll defend the team with all their might. If you have a man that denies his team every time they disappoint, how are you sure he isn’t denying you somewhere else?

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4. Artists

Haven’t you seen the die-hard Sarkodie fans? They’ll never budge. They support Sarkodie with everything in them. If you have a partner like this, you know that they’ll support you any day, any time but you see those others who claim they don’t have favourites? Run away from them oh! Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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5. Car manufacturers

The funny thing is, the majority of the time, they don’t even have the funds to get the cars but they’ll defend the brand with all their might. If your man doesn’t do this, how are you sure he defends you whenever he’s out?


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