Here Are Some Of The Dumb And The Dumbest Questions People Can’t Stop Asking

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If you want something, the best way to get it is to ask questions. Conversations are built on questions and sometimes, we love to be asked questions.

You know, you could be at a party feeling lonely and you just hope that someone will walk up to you and ask you a question that will result in you two engaged in a conversation.

Sometimes, we meet people and our first impression of them is the smart questions they asked, however, there are instances where you just wish you left the conversation real quick.

Growing up, we often came across those ‘unnecessary’ questions such as your brother asking if you are now taking your bath when you’re clearly now in the bathhouse taking your bath.

Or when you’re having lunch and someone asks if you’re eating. Sometimes, those questions can get on your nerves.

Thanks to Twitter, we can finally vent about those questions that just make us angry.

  1. He somehow thought his mother never grew up?

2. Lol

3. Maybe, you need the glasses to dream.

4. Lol… they are made of metal

5. Confused.

6. Lol…

7. oh, how we hate those questions.

8. A pet peeve.

9. We hope you replied that we actually lived in caves.

10. Errmm… we low key wish we were in our parents’ wedding pictures too.

You need to have an emotional check to deal with these pet peeve questions.


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