A Kumawood Guide To Making It Into Heaven

One thing we can all agree on is that one way or another you will let out a laugh or two while watching Kumawood movies. Now, these movies have a habit of ensuring that the “good person” goes through all kinds of hell on earth and then like the Good Book says, he/she goes to Heaven to reap all their sorrow. Since

We want all our readers to go to Heaven, here are a few things you can do, based on Kumawood, that will surely secure you a mansion in Heaven.

1. Take your Nephew/ Niece To The City For A Better Life.

How else are you going to get your name into the Book of Life? Every Kumawood movie has the affluent character trying to do good to his family members. Although your family member may poison you or steal your husband, don’t worry, your reward is in Heaven.

2. Be Kind To Your Sibling Who Might Be Chewing Your Meat At Night.

Like in the Bible, Kumawood teaches us to turn the other cheek over 77,000 times even when your sister and her friends are meeting above your roof to chew your legs. You have to even offer her your kids and your husband as well. And if by chance she wants to throw fire on your business too, you have give her the petrol, as the good Christian you are.

3. Sleep With A Bible and Rosary By Your Side.

You need spiritual assistance in case one of your enemies wants to appear as a snake or spirit at night. All you need to do is open the Bible and hold the rosary and your enemy will burst into fire sparks and die. Why haven’t we tried this for the poverty spirit in Accra? Someone needs to explode our problems.

4. Turn A Deaf Ear To Anybody, Especially Your Pastor, When They Warn You About Your Downfall.

Your pastor or your close friends may see all the things you don’t see, but you should never believe them because blood is thicker than water. Just continue paying school fees and feeding their kids. God will reward you with a 30ft mansion in Heaven.

5. Forgive Your Husband When He Leaves You For Another Woman and Comes Back Disabled

As a Proverbs 31 Woman, you have to be able to ignore the infidelity of your husband. Even when his new woman comes and throws you and your kids clothes outside the house. You have to know that eventually he will come back, probably crippled or poor, but he will still come back and if you want to go to Heaven, you have to take him back.

6. When You Get To Heaven You Can Now Chase Your Enemy.

After doing all these good deeds, when you finally die, you can now appear and haunt your enemy till he/she comes confessing to everybody. Easy peasy!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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