6 Weirdly Effective Things That You Can Do To Build A Reading Habit

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It’s 2021 and for some reason, that means it’s very difficult to read a book right now. Scrolling through Twitter or reading captions on Instagram is so easy but an actual book? That’s a ‘difficulty setting’ most of us need help with. These weirdly effective hacks will help you read again.

Quit Books!

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Reading doesn’t have to be a chore. If you realize that you have to force yourself to read a particular book, then you should probably give up on it. Instead, read books that actually excite you. After a chapter or two if you realize a book isn’t your jam, just quit.

Create A Reading List

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Having a reading list does two things. It gives you goals, which allows you to stay a motivated reader. But it also gives you options. Remember point one? If you have a reading list you can quit the books you don’t mesh with and try reading different things on your list.

Highlight Every Random Thing

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One way to keep your fire for reading alive is by interacting with what you’re reading. That’s especially easy when you’re on mobile. You can take screenshots of the good quotes to share on social media and even highlight the things that you find interesting.

Read More Than One Book At A Time

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Even if you end up liking a book, reading the same thing continuously over weeks can get boring. By reading more than one book at a time, you can keep things interesting. Just get a bookmark or read on your phone so it’s easy to track your position.

Audio Books

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If you’re too busy to take the time to read a book, what you can do is listen to your books instead. You would be surprised how many good audiobooks there are on Spotify and SoundCloud. Just type ‘audiobooks’ in your search bar and you should have some great options to choose from.

Always Have A Book Around

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There are times when you’ll find yourself with some free time and not much to do. Like when you’re queing at the bank or in a taking a long tro tro ride. Having a book around always means that you can fit in some reading into those free unexpected free moments that come up.

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