5 Minutes And You Can Learn How To Make An Animation If You’re An Artist

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If you’re an artist then you have probably been drawing for a while in order to be as good as you are. And that means you already have the skills that you’ll need to make an animation. You just don’t have the know-how. Well, in the next five minutes you can learn how animation works and be on your way to making animations of your own.

How Does Animation Work?

The first thing you’ll need to understand in order to make an animation is what a frame is. Basically, a frame is a still image. Animators combine lots and lots of those still images to make an animation. Here’s a fun fact: all those classic Disney movies have 24 different hand-drawn frames shown every second.

The Next Step To Making Your Own Animation Is …

Now that you know how animations are made you can start making some of your own. You just need an app that will put your frames together for you. Adobe Animate and Toonboom are great apps to consider if you have a drawing tablet. And even if you don’t have a tablet you can draw on paper, scan your images and put them together in one of those apps.

You can also download Flipaclip on mobile if you’re comfortable drawing with your finger on your phone screen.

And Finally, Some Basic Tutorials If You Need Them

  • The Animator’s Survival Kit: Textbook By Richard Williams. This book is thought of as the Bible of modern animation and is an incredibly easy read.
  • Jazza: Animation Playlist On YouTube. This YouTube channel brings all the years of experience of this professional animator to your own animations.
  • Animator’s Guild: Basics Of Animation Playlist On YouTube. Practice basics of animation through fun and impressive videos.

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