These Incredible Apps Will Help You Learn How To Play A Musical Instrument On Your Phone

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The best thing about building good habits that involve your phone is that you can feed those habits even during the most random times such as when you have a spare minute. That could mean reading a page while you’re in the loo or learning to play an instrument when you’re alone and bored. These apps are incredible for anyone who wants to play around with making music.

Walk Band

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Walk band is probably the best app on this list in terms of functions available to you. But it’s only really good if you already kind of know what you’re doing. Walk Band offers a super professional interface, a very cool selection of instruments and the app allows you to record and export jam sessions with vocals and everything.

Perfect Piano

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Perfect Piano really brings it with the teaching. You can learn from thousands of music pieces in the app. Just pick one and you can learn to play it. The teaching guides you can follow to play are incredible. It’s even more fun because you can play the piano with other players from all over the world.

Hip Hop Pads

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Every time you see Kanye with some drum pads, you know he is about to make some magic. Now you can do that too. Hip Hop Pads has 90 built-in sounds and you can pick any combination of them that you want. The app also has 6 complete rap samples and lessons to learn from. And of course, you can record and export your beats from the app.

Real Guitar, Real Bass And Real Drums By Kolb Apps

Photo by Breakingpic from Pexels

This is actually a series of apps by Kolb Apps. You get the one you want depending on which instrument you want to play. One cool thing about the Real set of instruments is that they allow you to play along to some music. You can find some loops in the app or put in a song and play along in real-time.



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