#ThatNSSLife: 6 People Talk About How NSS Has Affected Their Relationships

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There’s always the struggle of balancing relationships be it platonic or otherwise during NSS. If you’re not strategic and intentional about them, you’ll fall out with a lot of people and by the time you realise, they’ll become people you only say “hi” to and that’s about it. Relationships need to be nurtured if not they will wither and die. We spoke to a number of people about their relationships during National Service and if service affected it positively or negatively. These were some of your responses.

1. Margaret

I wasn’t dating at the beginning later on, I dated an older person I met at an office conference. It ended because I found out he was married. Funny thing is that when I ended things he kept asking questions like “So is it because I’m married that’s why you are leaving?” and “You think you are the reason why my marriage is not working?”. Lmaoo!

2. Sophie

Hmmm. I wouldn’t call it a relationship but I was talking to someone online. Long-distance. This guy said he was in New Jersey. Ghanaian who grew up in the US. We’ll text all the time and I really liked him. But something was off. He wouldn’t video call when I ask and he wouldn’t give me a number to call either. We were just texting on IG for 6 months. One day I gave him an ultimatum that he had two weeks to call me or it’s over. He was still telling me I should give him more time. The two weeks came and he never called me so I moved on. I don’t know if it was a catfish or if he was real but he was very kind, always listens and gave great advice.

3. Timothy

I was in my relationship during NSS. My work schedule didn’t really affect my relationship that much because the person I was dating also was doing her NSS. I think it was even better because, during lunchtime, we used to meet up and have lunch and stuff like that plus we were both working. She’s the woman I’m married to now.

4. Desmond

I was in a relationship during NSS but it didn’t really work well for me because I was now getting used to the work-life and all of that. My focus was divided and I wasn’t thinking about my relationship. We had to break up.

5. Benedicta

NSS didn’t really affect my relationship. We both knew we were working and could be really busy sometimes so it wasn’t a problem. We were still going strong even after NSS.

6. John

We were both doing our service but mine was on campus. She started having these weird assumptions and eventually, it became too stressful to deal with and so we broke up.

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