#ThatNSSLife: 5 Harsh Truths You Need To Know About NSS From A Former NSP

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There’s a lot of advice that goes around when NSS season comes around. And when that advice comes from an adult, it’s usually along the lines of ‘work hard and they’ll retain you.’ However, there are other more essential and more raw pieces of advice that you’ll only get from someone who has just finished their service too. Kuulpeeps talks to Adam (obviously not his real name because who’s called Adam in 2K21?) to get his ‘realest’ pieces of advice about #ThatNSSLife.

The first thing ago talk be say, when you put your foot down … start looking for another gig. Them no go retain you.

be smart meme

Hahaha. This one hurts but you have to know; you will get no respect.

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After NSS try and establish a courier service for yourself because the sending that they’ll send you erh?

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During your NSS, and listen because this is very important, try and set up a GoFundMe for yourself because there will be nothing left from the salary.

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The final piece of advice, don’t take a girlfriend during NSS. She will drain everything.

Image via memes.zokoko.com

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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