Here’s How To Start Making Digital Art In 3 Easy Steps

Digital art by goodestuff_. Photo Credit: goodestuff_/Instagram

If you’re an artist who hasn’t taken the plunge into making digital art then you should know that there isn’t a real reason to be hesitant. You can get started making digital art in 3 easy peasy steps. Although, of course, you’ll need a laptop and some cash for a drawing tablet.

Step One: Get A Drawing Tablet

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

There’s no getting around the need for a drawing tablet when you want to start making digital art. So of course, step one is to get one of these. You can find some options on Jumia like this one for GHC318 or this one for GHC179, however, these tablets are shipped from abroad so it could take up to a month to get your hands on your tablet.

Step 2: Pick Your Software

Photo by מתן שגב from Pexels

Once you’ve got your tablet and installed it on your computer, all that’s left is to pick a program and get started making some art. Our recommendations are Adobe PhotoShop or Procreate. Some of the features that you’ll soon discover make digital art a more modern medium are the undo button and the fact that you can create layers on a single drawing so that you can edit them separately.

Step 3: Make some Art And Share It

Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels

Once you’ve watched a tutorial or two and learned how to use the program that you’ve chosen, you’re ready to start making some digital art. And of course, share your art, get some feedback and keep creating.



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