5 Creative Ways You Can Make Money As A Writer On Your Campus

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In university, more often than not, writing starts off as a hobby. You realize you enjoy writing, and then you start a blog. For a lot of people, it doesn’t go much further than that. Writing isn’t a skill that people think of as an easy way to cash out. However, you can still make some money as a writer on your campus. Here’s how;

Start A CV Writing Business

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In the university is when most people start realizing that they need a CV, but also realize that they have no idea how to write one. You can charge for this, and even turn it into a business. You can also include other additional services like writing letters of interest that will help people land internships.

Handle Social Media Accounts For Businesses

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Another way you can make money as a writer on campus is by reaching out to businesses and offering to handle their social media accounts. Of course, this means you have to be witty, know how to write engaging posts and learn to make simple graphics with a tool like Canva.

Write Academic Papers

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Writing an academic paper is extremely time-consuming, but if you have the stamina for it, it can be a good way to make some quick cash. On-campus, people who write academic papers charge up to GHC1,000 for a paper.

Sign Up On Upwork

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Upwork connects writers and other freelancers to clients. Clients upload writing requests and then you can apply to complete those requests for a fee. You can get paid through a PayPal account, a Skrill account, or even receive payments directly into your bank account. Note: Upwork has a strict vetting process for writers.

Sign Up On Freelancer

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Freelancer is easier to get onto than Upwork but it’s a quite similar website. You have the option to choose from clients’ requests. Basically, you make a bid and the client chooses a freelancer from the bids that he receives.

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