This Is How You Can Earn Money From Sports While You’re In School

Ghana's Swimming Team

If you’ve always been a very athletic person, or just have a love for a sport, then the thought of making money doing that thing has probably crossed your mind. As a student, you might be surprised to hear that that’s possible; you can actually make money from playing a sport while you’re on campus.

First You Need To Find Your Sport

Zone 2 Swimming and Open Water championships to be held in Ghana from 5th-8th March 2020

If you already have a history of playing sports from SHS, finding your sport in the university is going to be that much easier. If you’re an athletic person looking for the right fit and are open to overcoming the learning curve then these are the options that you’re going to be working with: Swimming, Rugby, Goalball, Debate, Cricket, Chess, Baseball, Basketball, Volley Ball and Tennis.

Once you’ve found the sport that you’re interested in, you can get more information (what you should especially be on the lookout for is how to join your school’s team) from your university’s Sports Directorate.

Then You Need To Be Good Enough To Play In GUSA Games

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

One thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to earning money from sports is that, well, it’s not easy. The Ghana Universities Sports Association (GUSA) has given a lot of people opportunities to explore the many options and benefits that extra-curricular activities like sports provide. Those benefits can include money from competitions while you’re on campus and even the path to a career in the sport that you love.

GUSA organizes games between Ghanaian universities and also presents sportsmen for various international competitions. Click here if you’re interested in learning about GUSA and their more recent activities.



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