9 Memes You Will Relate To As The Toxic Ex

We all know that one ex who will see you moving on and living your best life and decide that this is the time to come confuse your feelings. If you are unlucky and you get carried away by the attention, you get left behind again and again and again, the cycle continues. You are probably the ex we are subbing here. Here are 9 Memes you will relate to, if you are.

1. This is you every time you see your ex prospering and making noise about how good their new partner is to them. You see pictures of them on social media and remember the feelings he/she used to give you. You see he/she has become more attractive than when they used to be with you and you are thinking, let me go and show my face again and see if he/she will fall.

2. Now you have started entering his/her dms with all those Future lines because you want to win them back. Not for a long period or a serious relationship anyway, just to see if your power is still intact.

3. Of course you expected him/her to be quite hesitant in the beginning. It’s only right to show you that you really hurt them. But when they start to ask you what you want, this meme is perfect because you don’t want a relationship. You just want to do other things.

4. When your ex starts to fall in love with you all over again and you finally realise you still have power over him/her and then you start to show your true colours and the real reason why you came back. They thought you had changed but jokes on them, still the same old show.

5. When you finally get all you want and you are ready to get out the relationship so you start showing signs he/she has seen before and they start complaining.

6. When he/she starts acting emotional and begging you not to leave again.

7. When you have to pretend that you don’t actually want to leave but you don’t have much of a choice. You begin to say things like “It’s not you, it’s me”, “I just know you deserve better.”

8. When you finally get to walk away from all the emotions and tears.

9. If you read all this and this meme describes how you feel now, We just want to let you know that even the Devil is scared of you.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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