6 Common Tropes Romantic Movies Need To Throw Away Right Now

If you have watched enough Romantic movies, you would see the same themes running through almost all of them. Most of the time you can even predict how certain scenes will end. Here are 6 tropes you definitely will find in almost all romantic movies.

1. She is ugly until she takes off her glasses and releases her ponytail.

In every romantic movie, the female character is mostly a nerd wearing glasses, who always ties her hair up in a ponytail. In that moment, no one sees her beauty, but as soon as she meets the basketball player and he takes off her glasses and loosens her hair, she is the fairy God mother.

2. Someone’s book will fall down and another will pick it up.

This is mostly how it starts. They lock eyes and then they fall in love. In this hot Accra, why will you dropping your book on the floor? Everyone is busy looking on their phones while walking, before you know it, someone has stepped on your book.

3. Love at first sight.

A movie scene will come up and two random strangers meet at a bus stop and fall in love. Which bus stop in Accra will that happen at? Madina? Okponglo? In the sun? Things like this never happen in real life. You may have to walk away and pass in front of your crush again, because this one is not working for you.

4. The Gay Best-friend.

We can list over 100 movies where the female characters in ROMCOMs have a gay best friend in their circle. You think we are lying? Go on Netflix right now and pick one romance movie.

5.Chasing her down to the airport.

There is always the scene where the guy is about to lose the girl and he chases her to the airport right before she gets on the plane. Imagine you running though Kotoka to stop the loyl from getting on the plane. The security will just transport you to jail because how??

6. Display of grand gesture.

Movies will tell you to stand in a cafeteria and embarrass yourself by singing to a girl. That’s the only way to get her to love. You do this in real life and you are going to be a trending topic on social media for the rest of your life. Even the girl will bounce you eventually.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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