#ThatNSSLife: If You Were Posted To Kotoka Airport, This Is How To Avoid Going Broke In Your First Month

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

Getting to work at the airport during your NSS is the dream gig at first glance, but as you’ll learn from our conversation with a former NSS personnel at the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, it’s very easy to go broke during NSS at the airport. Unless of course, you follow the tips that allowed her to avoid going broke during her NSS at the airport.

Don’t Buy The Landing Restaurant’s Food: It’s A Trap

One of the first things that will excite you about your NSS at the airport, according to our former NSP, apart from the money added to the 559 is the sheer variety of good food you can get at the airport.

However, if you have any financial plans during your NSS and you want to save, you need to start taking food to work or preorder food from the caterer’s that bring lunch around (preorder because their food has a way of running out). If you make a habit of eating at the airport’s many eateries, your allowance will never be enough for you.

Get Food For The Night Shift

Very few NSS positions require personnel to work night shifts, but that does happen at the airport. And although each night shift comes with a pay bonus, you’ll spend it all trying to get food after hours. If you wait till it’s very late to get food, you’re only going to be left with very expensive options. It’s usually a good idea to take food from the house or get food before you even reach the airport.

Take The Bus

Another great thing about doing NSS at the airport, according to our NSP, is the fact that transport doesn’t have to be an issue. You just need to learn the bus routes and you’ll have free transport both to work and from work going home. An additional tip from her is being friendly with the bus drivers so that they wait an extra minute or two when you’re not at your stop.

Don’t Be Shy To Find A Ride

If you work irregular hours you won’t have access to the bus. And that means spending on transportation unless you can find someone to give you a ride. In our NSP’s words … ‘the ride-sharing culture is very much supported at the airport. Just find people who live near you, ask politely and they’ll exchange numbers with you and give you a ride to work.’

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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