#ThatNSSLife: 5 Hacks You Need To Know If You Said ‘Yes’ When They Asked If You Know Excel

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Today, if someone asks if you know Excel and you say ‘yes,’ they’re going to need you to actually know some things other than just how to enter data into an Excel sheet. These hacks are not going to make you an Excel pro, but they will help you convince people that you at least know what you’re doing.

Quickly Selecting Multiple Cells

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In Excel, apart from entering data, you’re also going to be selecting cells for different operations. Luckily, there are ways to do that that will help you come off as super proffessional.

Firstly, if you want to select all cells, it takes just one click. Just click the topmost left cell (the first cell where rows and columns intersect) and that should highlight all cells. You can also simply use the keyboard shortcut ‘CTRL’ + ‘A’.

If you just want to select a single row or column, go to the starting point (the first cell that you want to select) and then press ‘CTRL’ + ‘Shift’ + the arrow key in the direction of the last cell that you want to select.

Auto Sum

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If you need to find the sum of numbers in a row or column, that’s also super easy. You can let Excel do the math for you. Select a cell next to the numbers you want to sum (either at the end of the row or at the end of the column), click ‘AutoSum’ on the Home tab, press Enter, and you’re done. The sum will appear in the cell that you selected.

Applying A Format To A Cell Or A Group Of Cells

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In Excel you’re going to be entering different types of data. If you’re entering dates or even currency into different cells, you want to make sure that the formats match. Here’s an easy hack to do that.

First of all, select one cell and apply the format by right clicking the cell and the selecting the ‘Format cells’ option. This will let you format the cell as a currency of your choice, a date or any of the other types of formats available. Once you’re done formatting that cell, you can apply that format to other cells easily.

Just select the cells that you want to format using the selection hack above, right-click any of them and then choose ‘Paste Special’ and then click ‘Formats’ from the list of options that pops up.

Embed An Excel Spreadsheet

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If you’re putting together or document or even a PowerPoint, it can be helpful to embed parts of your Excel spreadsheet. Embedding parts of your spreadsheet in Word or PowerPoint isn’t too difficult. Just select the and copy the part of your spreadsheet that you want to embed. The open Word and select ‘Paste’ and choose ‘Paste Special.’ From the popup that appears on screen choose the option for ‘Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object,’ and then select the option for ‘Paste Link’ and click ok.

Convert A Row To A Column

Converting a row (or a group of rows) to a column and vice-versa is another easy hack that you can keep in your back pocket to flex your Excel skills to your NSS supervisor. Firstly, select the rows and columns that you want to switch and the copy them. Once you’ve done that, select the cell where you want your new data to start being pasted and move your mouse to the arrow button underneath ‘Paste’ on the home tab. From the options, choose ‘Tranpose’ and watch the magic happen.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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