Caleb Otchi: His Love For Cars And Photography Came Together So He Could Create Magic With Every Picture

Caleb Otchi (photo credit: Gus Sarkodee)

Caleb Otchi’s journey to becoming a photographer started during his first year at Akosombo International School (AIS). The amazing moments he was able to capture with a camera his father gave him made his love for photography grow stronger.

“My dad got this Samsung galaxy camera and every time we went out of town on family trips I was the designed cameraman [laughs]… and I just fell in love with the camera and being able to capture moments as and when they happened,” he said.

Caleb Otchi

From there, Caleb began taking photographs of various activities in senior high school, while building his craft and skills. His fascination with photography even led him to head the photography club during his time at AIS.

Unfortunately, after senior high school, Caleb’s photography journey became “quite rocky.” “I took a lot of breaks cause I was really lacking motivation and inspiration a lot,” he revealed.

He, however, got back to taking photography “seriously” in his final year at Ashesi University because “some things started making sense” to him.

Caleb gathers a lot of inspiration from the works of other creatives. Explaining how, he said: “sometimes I just stalk some of my fav creators and scroll through all their work cause it looks amazing and just admire them for a while and sometimes I get inspired to step out and capture something or some idea forms in my mind from that.”

“When I started photography my greatest inspiration was Emmanuel Bobbie (God rest his soul). I always found his work to be phenomenal and it really pushed me a lot,” he revealed.

But over the years he has been inspired by other photographers including Brandon Woelfel, Mike from North Borders, Joshua Kissi, Augustus Poku Sarkodee.

photographed by Caleb Otchi

Since picking his camera up again, this year, Caleb decided to focus on what he loves – luxury cars – and specialize in automotive photography.

“It’s something that I discovered just this year and tried my hands at it and it’s been going really well for me. I’ve been loving it and for the first time in a while, I’m very happy where I’m at.”

“I’m also trying to get back into portrait photography cause that’s where I started but I make no promises,” he said with laughter.

photographed by Caleb Otchi

Also a huge fan of Tesla cars, Caleb believes his attention to detail is what make the kinds of images he captures of luxury cars unique.

“When shooting some cars I really like to get those detail shots like the little things; the badges, the brake pads, the taillights, etc. People tend to overlook those finer details but it’s really those little things that make up the masterpieces of these vehicles we admire so much.”

In adding more to what he’s already doing in automotive photography, Caleb is looking forward to working on a documentary, which he says will be his most exciting project yet.

Aside from working with luxury car brands in the near future, Caleb wants to travel around the world to meet new people and tell their stories through photography and filmmaking.


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