Back To Back Fire Shows: Here Are The Hottest New Releases On Netflix This Month

Image Credit Netflix

If you’re still in school, sorry for you o. Netflix just released an incredible lineup of absolute thrillers back to back to back. If you log in to your Netflix right now, there’s enough goodness in new shows to get you through a few weeks of binging. Again, disclaimer: if you’re writing exams, you get off here.

Sex Education (Season 3)

Image via Sex Education on Netflix

The first two seasons of Sex Education had the internet buzzing, and anyone who’s a fan of the show has been waiting for that cliffhanger from last season to be settled. If you haven’t seen Sex Education, it’s only one of the most sex-positive, witty and generally entertaining shows on Netflix at the moment.

Money Heist (Part 5: Volume 1)

Image via Money Heist on Netflix

Money Heist is that show that you’ll start watching ironically but absolutely end up loving. Part 5: Volume 1 picks up right where last season left off; in the middle of the most audacious heist, mourning, and with the robber’s trump card taken off the table.

Lucifer (The Final Season)

‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Trailer Reveals A Twist For The New Netflix Episodes

Lucifer’s final season is currently available to stream, and if you saw last season, you know it’s going to be nothing but fun.

The Smart Money Woman (Season 1)

This Nollywood show is current and relevant, while also being funny as hell and romantic. The show follows the 5 millennial women as they navigate adulthood; a career, friendships, romance, finances and all the headaches that those things come with.

Demon Slayer

Poster for Demon Slayer anime

Demon Slayer is the anime series that broke the internet during its initial release and it’s currently on Netflix. If you’ve been looking for a gateway into the world of anime then Demon Slayer is a great option to start with. The critically acclaimed animation follows the story of a tragic young boy who manages to remain pure-hearted (and the absolutely most wholesome character ever) even after his entire family is murdered.

Rick And Morty (Season 5)

Image: Rick And Morty From Wallpaper Pimper


You can catch the current season of Rick and Morty on Netflix right now. And it’s still airing. Fair warning, even after four seasons of the weirdest shit, this season of Rick and Morty will still definitely surprise you. Brace yourself.



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