5 Random Things That Feel Totally Wrong But Actually Aren’t

There are very random things that feel wrong to ask or talk about but when you really deep it, there’s really nothing wrong with it.

1. Posting food or enjoyment when you owe someone money

I meeaan, you’ll probably feel really bad about the fact that you’re chopping life with someone else’s money and so you’ll block them from watching your status, Snapchat and Instagram stories but ebi borrow you borrow, you no kill person.

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2. Existing in your parent’s house when you failed an exam

If you’ve never had to deal with this situation, thank your stars. Parents will make you feel terrible for existing and well, you can’t exactly blame them for that because they invested in you and obviously it was a wrong investment but we move, innit??

Image via memes.zikoko.com

3. Asking for extra shito from your waakye, kenkey and fried yam sellers

Image of a meme via memes.zikoko.com

There’s no reason why these sellers should be treating their shito like cocaine but they do and you can’t do anything about it. Even if you muster the courage to ask them for extra, the tiny thing they’ll add while rolling their eyes a little will disappoint you.

4. Asking for the price of something and not buying

Image via memes.zokoko.com

You ask and when they tell you, you say “Oh okay. Thanks.” It feels like you’ve done the worst thing on earth, especially because maybe the person thought you were coming to buy.

5. Staying in the room when everyone is in the kitchen

Meme via twitter

You just know that they’ll be talking about you there especially if they don’t have the power to ask you to come and help them out.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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