UHAS Scientists Contribute To Pan-African Collaboration On COVID-19 Research

Dr. Duedu (left) and Dr. Gyamfi are among over 300 authors of this paper. Photo credit: UHAS

UHAS Scientists have undertaken and contributed genomic sequencing data to a pan-African consortium to describe how the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved in Africa.

Scientists from the UHAS Testing Centre according to the paper published in the journal Science, contributed genomic sequence data from viruses that were detected in the South Eastern corridor of Ghana (Volta and Oti Regions and the Asuogyaman district of the Eastern Region).

Dr. Kwabena Duedu is Head of the Centre and has Dr. Jones Gyamfi as the lead for sequencing the COVID-19 virus genome.

Other Scientists who contributed on the paper include Dr. Reuben Ayivor-Djanie who leads the Quality Management and Testing Programme and UHAS Alumni Ms. Rosina Afua Ampomah Carr and Ms. Joana Quansima Mends who were National Service Personnel at the time.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Gyapong provided supervision and led the conception of the idea and its development.

Genomic sequencing helps to unravel the structure of the virus causing the disease and also throws light on portions of the virus that can serve as targets for drugs or be used for the development of vaccines. 

Currently, UHAS and the University of Ghana are the only two institutions offering genomic sequencing.

You can read the article here.

Source: UHAS

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