Ghanaians Online Pay Tribute To Late Legendary Actor Kohwe; Remember His Best Moments On TV

Kofi (Kohwe) Laing. Photo credit: Adom FM

90s kids who grew up with the privilege of having a television set at home grew up to love Kofi Laing, famously known as Kohwe.

He was an amazing actor and entertainer, who for decades entertained our parents and briefly entertained us as well.

Eventually, we outgrew his influence and those born in the late 90s and afterwards virtually have no recollection of this great actor we were lucky to watch on our screens.

Kohwe was just not an actor but he was an incredible comedian as well. He is said to have quit his job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1965 to pursue his career in entertainment full time.

He was well known for his role as the aid of a governor’s represent in a district who ensured the implementation of the British Common Law in the drama series called ‘District Colonial Court’.

Despite his success, he sadly joined the list of Ghanaian entertainment icons who grow old and rely on others financially to cater for themselves.

Back in 2020, Minister of Communication Ursula Owusu promised to assist him. Last month a photo of him looking frail was circulated on the internet.

On Thursday, it was reported that he had passed away. Moved by the emotion of losing such a great icon, Ghanaians took to Twitter to celebrate him.

  1. Rest well, King.

2. RT.

3. This is sad.

4. He deserved the roses.

5. Two Kings.

6. He was a legend alright.

7. Laughter followed him everywhere.

8. Rest well, sir.

9. He will always be part of our childhood.

10. Us too.

Rest in peace, King.


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