Armz Korleone Vs Bouncer: The MMA Fight Everyone Is Talking About

Bouncer and Armz. Photo credit: grmdaily

Last night Instagram influencer and bodybuilder, Armz Korleone faced off with music mogul Bouncer Play Dirty in the ring.

The fight between the two had been building up for some time now as Armz and Bouncer were engaged in a social media rivalry.

It started with Armz responding to a video of Bouncer in a boxing training session. “Bouncer couldn’t last long in any fight,” he said in the comments section of Bouncer’s video. 

In his response, Bouncer took to Instagram stories and Armz that “I’ll smack you up any day of the week, don’t get it twisted”.

Since then, the two started preparing for what we saw yesterday.

The two were engaged in an MMA fight which consisted of five separate three-minute rounds and at the end of the fifth, the winner was crowned by the judges.

At the end of the fight, Bouncer was crowned the champion by a unanimous decision from the judges.

While some praised the men for their ability to last so long in the ring others were also very comical about the whole thing.

  1. Lol… this is good summary.

2. Very on point.

3. Armz failed the weightlifting fraternity.

4. Accurate representation.

5. Now, you guys are ‘tweakin’.

6. Time to cancel the internet!!!

7. You guys are tripping…lol

8. Not Certified Wrestler…

9. Trees don’t sweat.

10. Bro has been locked out.

Whether it was a good fight or not, Armz and Bouncer surely did entertain.


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