5 Things To Do When Your Boss Is Frustrating You

This article is for all those who have tried all they can to be the best employees but no matter what they do, it is never enough. You get to work early, you submit your reports on time, your colleagues are lazying about doing nothing but somehow you are always the one in trouble. Here are 5 things to do that will take care of that boss of yours.

1. Take Him/Her To God.

It has to be witchcraft because why is he/she trying to finish your life? The annoying part is the salary barely covers anything, but you need to eat so what can you do than stay? You may have to fast first because your brain needs to be reminded of what hunger feels like so it can ginger you to pray hard.

2. Ask God For Super Powers.

Once you have tried praying for him/her and you still haven’t found a solution you have to change your prayer topic. You have to pray for super powers to endure this kind of stress.

3.Seduce His/Her Child.

Even if him/her still hates you, there is absolutely nothing they can do once their child likes you. You can go the extra mile and even marry their child so that the company will even become yours. Think about it.

4. Visit External Forces.

No one will blame you if after all this you decide to beat your boss or take him/her to the mountains. Everyone knows you have tried your possible best and still your boss’ witchcraft is tougher than imperial lather glue. You can take them to a spirit that is stronger than theirs or you can organize macho men to beat him/her in a corner. No one would blame you, however, if you are caught, you didn’t hear this from us.

5. Create A LinkedIn Account.

If you have prayed for him/her and it didn’t work, even with your super power and patience, and you are still frustrated, just go back to Linked In. You cannot do all you have done and expect your boss to welcome you on Monday morning. Not all battles can be won and this witchcraft is bigger than you. Just pack your things and find a new job else your family will bury you.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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