5 Things That Prove That Accra Is Hard

We have already established that there are 3 Accra’s because while some people are living hand to mouth, there are others who are constantly going in and outside of Ghana. The majority of people are bleeding. Here are 5 things that prove that Accra is really hard.

1. Everyone is a CEO.

If you think we are lying, just go through your Whatsapp status’, if you don’t see up to 5 people selling something, then you are not included in this Accra. You belong to the elite Accra and this article is not for you. There is always someone selling something or someone opening a new Instagram business account because we must eat.

2. Celebrities Don’t Do Giveaways Anymore.

When was the last time you saw a celebrity dashing car or money? Gone are the days when you will draw a celebrity and he/she will see give you money for it. If you are going to get anything out of them, it’s going to be either a like, retweet or an “aww this is beautiful, thank you”. Accra!

3. Everyone is Involved in CryptoCurrency.

The technique has changed over time, from Zoom and Loom. Currently, everyone is engaged in either crypto or bitcoin, because no matter where money is hiding, we must find it.

4. Masquerades Have Stopped Coming Around.

Remember when Kakamotobi (Masquerades) used to come around around Christmas and our parents would scare us into thinking they were actual monsters? Yeah, where are they now? Nobody has any “spare” money lying around to give to them when they come, so they have stopped. Every Cedi is accounted for, that’s how hard Accra is guys.

5. Adulting.

Do we need to visit all the bills you have to pay? Or the debts you owe? It’s the middle of the month and you are already broke. What other proof do you need to see that Accra is hard? Why can’t you get a sponsor who is constantly sending you 10k just for shege reasons.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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