Derick Omari: Ashesi Alum Secures Partnership With Singapore-Based Health Tech Start-Up

Derick Omari (image via Queens Young Leaders)

Derick Omari, a 2018 Ashesi University presidential awardee and founder of Tech Era, an award-winning technology-based social enterprise in Ghana has collaborated with Plano Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based health tech start-up, to address the growing problem of myopia (short-sightedness) in Africa.

This partnership marks Plano’s first collaboration with a partner in Africa and will leverage on the respective strengths of both parties to introduce Plano’s easy-to-use, innovative, and science-based technological solutions to children and families in Africa to keep them safe online and their eyes healthy, with a focus on myopia.

Derick Omari (image via Tech Era)

The Plano application, which helps encourage protective behaviour for myopia, is now available on all smartphones and tablets in Ghana. 

Myopia is one of the most common health problems globally, affecting about one in three people (2.6 billion) in the world. The number of people with myopia is expected to increase to five billion by 2050 (half the world’s population).

A growing prevalence of myopia has been reported in African children, with approximately 1 in 6 children leaving secondary school having myopia.

However, a recent (2021) pilot study conducted by Plano in partnership with Tech Era found that an alarming 85% of children had never had their eyes checked by an eye health professional.

Plano is an award-winning Singapore-based health tech start-up launched in late 2017. The key products in the company’s ecosystem include the Plano application, the online eye health booking system, planoEyecheck, and its global eye health education-based website.

Derick Omari (image via Ashesi)

The science-based Plano application, already patented in Singapore and Japan, has been adopted by more than 500,000 parents.

In less than three years, Plano has become a global leader in the fight against myopia through its education and awareness, technological solutions, and research and AI capabilities.

Derick Omari, Chief Executive Officer of Tech Era, in his response to the agreement, emphasised the importance of the collaboration to African homes:

“Tech Era’s partnership with Plano is crucial to ensure that parents and children in Africa have access to the world’s leading science-based intervention that keeps children’s eyes and their mobile device use safe,” he revealed.

Derick received a Queen’s Young Leaders Award in 2018 for working to raise levels of IT literacy amongst underprivileged children through the organisation he founded, Tech Era, which teaches students to use computers and solve problems using robotics.

Derick Omari receiving his award from the Queen (image via Queens Young Leaders)

Tech Era’s impact has grown across the African continent by establishing strategic partnerships, globally recognized and award-winning initiatives for persons with disabilities in Africa, provision of educational products to schools, and accessible products for households in Africa.

Tech Era’s vision is to remove accessibility gaps, and it seeks to achieve a part of this through the partnership with Plano by ensuring that children and parents in Africa can have access to Plano’s products and services to help keep them safe online and their eyes healthy.

source: TechEra

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