7 Foods That Always Feature On A Typical Ghanaian Wedding Reception Plate

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Ghana as a country has a lot of interesting and very tasty meals. At weddings, after watching the couple get their marriage blessed in church, the reception is where everyone sorts of comes alive because there’s food. If your wedding doesn’t have certain foods then the reception isn’t a “proper reception” is it? We compiled some of the foods that people always look forward to eating.

1. Jollof

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Almighty Jollof definitely has to be present otherwise it is understood that you don’t rate your guests 🌚🌚. It is definitely a criminal offence because there’s always something about wedding Jollof. If you don’t eat it, did you really go to a wedding?

2. Fried rice

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A standard plate at a wedding has 1 ladle of Jollof and another ladle of fried rice. They go hand in hand.

3. Waakye

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A ladle of waakye is necessary to make the rice meals on your plate heavier. Waakye adds some weight to the rice dishes and if you keep moving up the buffet table, you’ll probably get spaghetti and gari to add a bit of “umph” to the food.

4. Spaghetti rice/plain rice

Spaghetti rice food via bettycrocker.com

Your rice meals are not complete without these. Veery very necessary.

5. Banku

Food banku and tilapia via primenewsghana.com

Banku and everything for people who like to go the local way. Banku is especially eaten when the wedding has taken so long and you’re so hungry that, rice will not do justice to the situation happening in your stomach.

6. Aprapransa

Aprapransa food via primenewsghana.com

Jollof and fried rice are great and all but it’s when the Aprapransa comes out that the real party starts.

7. Fufu

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This is for your guests who are ready to wash hand and lose their home training. Make sure you garnish the Fufu with soup that has assorted meat and protein in it.

At a wedding, which way do you go? The local way or the “rice way”?

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