10 Extremely Important Wardrobe Essentials Guys Should Have

It’s important that even as you hop on the current trends, you should have certain pieces that are timeless. Things that will never go out of style because they’ll forever be in vogue. The list of basic essentials that should constitute the wardrobe of every stylish man is not particularly long. From suits to shoes, here are some of the wardrobe essentials every guy needs to have.

1. White long sleeves (Oxford Shirts)

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They pair well with everything because of their colour and will save you in times when you have to dress semi formally or even for a very formal setting.

2. A full suit that is tailored and fits well

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You’re an adult now. You need at least one suit, preferably in navy or gray.

3. A blazer

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A nice blazer will make sure that you don’t overwhelm a room with a full suit when the occasion doesn’t call for it.

4. T-shirt

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Find one that fits your body (hugs it, not a second skin) and wear it under a lightweight jacket or even on its own.

5. A classic watch

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Nothing is more elegant than checking the time on a wristwatch, not staring idly at your phone.

6. Dress shoes

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To go with your suit or if you want to look formal.

7. Sneakers

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Sneakers are necessary for your day to day movements. If you can get a number of them, you’re set. They can be worn with anything from a full suit to jeans and a tee.

8. Kaftan

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It’s simple and easy to wear. It makes you look smart and casual and it gives a representation of where you’re from.

9. Work bag

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It makes you look classy and more responsible. Plus to be honest, would you look twice at someone with a backpack or someone well dressed with a work bag?

10. A belt that will last

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Instead of going through belts every year like usual, invest in an expensive one that you can wear for years.

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