5 Things No One Tells You About Life After School

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We all have an idea of how things are going to be for us after school, but until you get to the point where you have actually lived it, there are some things you can’t imagine. And you’re going to go through these things when you’re done with school and are officially an adult.

Being Super Broke

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

How is this even possible? You’ve got a job, you follow all the financial advice on social media you’re very serious about wanting to save. All that, but somehow, you’re still always broke. Life after school is a scam!

The Responsibilities

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When you’re a kid and want to be treated with more respect and be an adult. When you finish school … oh, you’ll be treated like an adult alright. So many responsibilities are just dumped on you and you’re expected to be able to handle them.

Never Getting Enough Sleep

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One of the perks of being an adult is that no one is going to tell you what time to be asleep by. But all that freedom can be toxic. You end up staying up late for no reason and then complain about how bad you feel in the morning.


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As a kid, you probably pictured all the vacations that you would take with the money that you made from your fancy job. Sadly, not even the stories of unemployment are enough to prepare you for unemployment and all that comes with it.

Losing Friendships

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Sometimes friendships end simply because you’re no longer close enough to one another. And this can happen after school when everyone moves back home and works in different places. It’s one of the harder parts of transitioning out of school.

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