5 People Talk About The One Gift They Received That Made Them Smile

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Receiving gifts are a number of people’s love languages but even apart from that, it’s nice to randomly receive gifts from a partner or friend or family member. Even though for a lot of people, gifts are only received on birthdays, others get them at different holiday occasions like Christmas. We asked a number of you to tell us about your favorite gifts and these were some of your responses.

1. Thelma, 25 years

The gift that made me smile and randomly makes me blush was a purse and a watch I got from a guy I liked. We weren’t yet in a relationship but we liked each other. I was there one time when a dispatch rider called me that he had something for me so I directed him to my end. I think what makes it my favourite is the fact that I wasn’t expecting it and at the time, it was a tangible expression of his feelings for me. The relationship still ended in tears though.

2. Doreen, 26 years

The most memorable gift for me was an iPhone 7 plus. At the time, it had just been launched. I did something for my uncle which he appreciated so much that he asked me what I wanted. I jokingly said an iPhone 7 plus and we all laughed about it and the conversation ended. The next week he called me to come back home (I was on Legon campus then) and he handed it to me. Up till now, I remember how excited I felt because it was my first Apple product.

3. Abena, 24 years

What made this gift special was the fact that I wasn’t expecting it. It was my birthday and I was chilling at work in the afternoon when my boyfriend at the time pulled up to my office with a cake. I had never gotten a birthday cake before and so that made it even more special. We are broken up now but I’ll always remember how good I felt that day.

4. Cynthia, 27 years

I got this random bracelet from this guy I was seeing. We met one day and out of the blue, he pulled out this silver bracelet with its ends in a heart shape and put it on my wrist. I really like the bracelet even though I wouldn’t call myself a jewellery person. It reminds me of him anytime I see it.

5. Desmond, 25 years

I think 2 years ago, I tweeted about how broke I was and I randomly received a DM from a lady. She had sent me my tweet and asked me for my Momo number. I sent it to her and in less than 2 minutes, I got an alert of GHS 500. I didn’t know her from anywhere and I didn’t even realise we were following each other there. I didn’t even know how to thank her because she really met me at my point of need. Anytime I think about it, I say a word of prayer for her.

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