Don’t Have A LinkedIn? Here Are All The Resources You Need To Create An Impressive Student LinkedIn Profile

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Being in university means that you’ve heard about LinkedIn once or twice in conversation. Some people think that it’s the key to getting a job after school. And some people think that it just doesn’t work. However, LinkedIn is the top professional social network for a reason. And if you’ve been wondering where to even start, you’re in the right place.

Why You Should Be On LinkedIn As A Student

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As a student, LinkedIn can help you meet other Ghanaian professionals in order to gain second-hand experience or otherwise benefit from that network, which does sometimes mean jobs. Here’s are some full features on the why of it all; why should you have a LinkedIn account.

Here’s How LinkedIn Can Help You Transition From Student To Part Of The Workforce

5 Reasons Why You Should Be On LinkedIn If You’re Still In Uni

Now, Where Should You Start If You Want To Make A Good LinkedIn Profile

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Signing up for LinkedIn is only the first step. Now, you need to create a profile that will stand out and get you noticed in a positive way. You also need an idea of how things work on LinkedIn and how you’re actually going to be using the platform.

How To Revamp Your LinkedIn For Effectiveness In Ghana

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Come Alive With This Guide To Adding Images And Charts

Next, Make Those Important Connections

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The main reason you’ve joined LinkedIn is to create connections with people that can help you in your career journey. However, randomly adding people is not the way to create those connections. Instead, use these tips:

The Appropriate Way To Build Connections On LinkedIn After School

Did You Know You Can Get Recommendations That Are Displayed Publicly?

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Another thing that makes LinkedIn perfect for when you’re trying to get noticed is that everyone can see the recommendations people have written about you. If you have no idea where to get started, here’s how to set up recommendations and get your first recommendation.

How To Get LinkedIn Recommendations If You’ve Never Asked For One



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