9 Gmail Hacks That Will Make Your Student Life So Much Easier

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Most of us don’t have complex relationships with Gmail. We open the website, we read what we need to and then send a reply if we have to. That’s fine and all, but when you spend a lot of time using Gmail, either because you’re in an internship or doing your NSS, there are some hacks that come in handy a whole lot.

You Can Be Much Faster With The Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

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If you use Gmail a lot, learning the easy to remember keyboard shortcuts will save a lot more time than you might think. Some of the handy shortcuts are ‘CTRL + N’ to compose a new mail, ‘CTRL + Enter’ to send a mail and ‘CTRL + I’ to mark a mail as read or unread. You can also go here to find a full list of all the keyboard shortcuts.

Use The Gmail Advanced Search

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If you’ve ever been in a situation where you were looking for an attachment you know someone sent to you but you just couldn’t find the mail, then Gmail’s advanced search could have saved you all that hustle. Using the advanced search is super easy. Just click here to get started.

Never Miss Another Mail By Using Filters And Labels

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Organise your emails with Filters and Labels by using the following steps:

  • Open the email
  • Click on the 3 dot menu
  • Click filter messages


  • Go to the Search bar
  • Click the 3 line icon
  • Configure your settings
  • Create the filter

Turn Your Gmail Inbox Into Tasks

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If you want to turn your Gmail inbox into a to-do list, you can do that with just a couple of clicks. Right-click on any mail, and you’ll see the option of turning it into a task. Once you’ve added a couple of tasks, you can access of all them from the ‘tasks’ button on the sidebar on the right side of the screen.

Create Templates For The Things That You’re Always Typing

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  • Click the gear icon on the top bar
  • See all settings
  • Click ‘Advanced’
  • Scroll to the templates section
  • Enable
  • Save your Changes

Increase The Cancelation Period On Your Emails

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If you’re the type of person who constantly finds themselves wishing that they could un-send an email, you need to increase your email cancellation period. That way you have more time to cancel an email before it reaches your recipients and your shame is immortalized.

  • Settings
  • All settings
  • General
  • Set the cancellation period
  • Save changes

Use Snooze To Remember To Come Back To Emails

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You can easily use the snooze feature to set reminders for your emails so that you’re reminded to come back to them. To find the snooze button, hover on an email and you’ll see the timer icon at the end of the email bar.

Schedule Emails Easily

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After you’re done composing an email, instead of hitting ‘Send,’ you can click the icon next to the send button to schedule your mail to be sent at another time.

Send A Confidential Email

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Clicking on the padlock icon on send email bar makes your email confidential. And that means the recipient can’t copy it, forward it, print it or even download it.

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