5 Very Simple Tips For Buying Your Girlfriend Jewelry

From strands of pearls to lengthy chains to statement pieces, there a wide variety of jewelry styles to choose from. Before you start deciding which one is right for the lady in your life, you need to get these tips.

1. Consider the occasion

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Are you getting the necklace as an anniversary gift? Is it her birthday? Or are you just looking to give her a small gift to show you care? If celebrating an anniversary, a more expensive and fancier jewelry will probably be the best option. But if you’re simply looking for a gift that says you care, something she can wear every day might be a better choice. 

2. Get her something of sentimental value

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If you can get a locket where you can put a very special image of both of you or even just her, it would always remind her about that particular time you both immortalized with the picture. You can also reach out to a jeweler who does customization and get jewelry that has a special date or something on it. Alternatively, you can create a playlist and some jewelers can create jewelry that can be scanned so your partner can listen to specially curated music from you.

3. Look at her jewelry box

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This is one of the easiest ways to know what to get her or know exactly what not to get her. What does she like – gold, white gold? Which color stone, big stone or small one? Is her jewelry preference delicate or strong? Use all this information to see if you can figure out what exactly you can get her.

4. Explore symbols and their meanings

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Different symbols and designs have different meanings and you can explore this angle of choosing jewelry. If you move past the glitz and glamour of jewelry, you can try a different tactic. For example, anchors symbolize hope and give a message of steadfast, undying love and crescent shapes/moon designs are often popular for new relationships, mirroring the giver’s anticipation of it “waxing” into matrimony.

5. Listen!!

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Women say things they like or want in passing. All you need to do is listen to them. Some will state their preferences when scrolling through Instagram or other social media platforms and that’s it. You’re good to go. Alternatively, you can straight out show them different images randomly and ask them which they prefer.

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