Avoid These Things In Uni To Make Your Money Last Longer

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Being a university student is hard. In uni, you’re on your own for the most part. No dining, no parents constantly giving you coins, however, you will have all the peer pressure in the world. It’s no wonder most of us go broke and end whole semesters without spending a dime. Speaking of money wasters, these are the important ones you need to keep an eye out for if you want your money to make sense to you.

The First Week Of School

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

It’s always a good idea to milk your parents for as much money as you can when you’re coming to school. The first week has so many costs that will spring upon you if you’re not prepared. You’ll have to pay for academic materials, registration and transportation costs from moving about too much. Plus, if you’re moving into a new hall, things are even worse.


University is the period where most people finally have the freedom to explore their dating lives, and so they do. If you’re a guy though, that can quickly get expensive. The more you want to impress her, the more you spend and all of a sudden you’ve blown through your budget.

Getting New Threads

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Buying new clothes when you’re on campus can easily get expensive if you don’t really know where to look. If you’re also the type who gets off on dressing to impress, then you’re in for an expensive semester.

No Plan For Food

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Even if you don’t know how to cook, you need to find alternative plans for food. Buying food every single day is going to leave your wallet empty. Put your head together with your roommate and come up with something. When you don’t have a plan, you usually won’t be able to stop yourself from buying when you’re hungry.

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