5 Undefeated Moments In Primary School That We All Miss

The biggest scam in the world was us envying adults and wishing to be them. Why were we in a hurry to grow up? Who lied to us? What did we see? Why were we playing grown-up every chance we got? Who knew we would be waking up at 4:30am and paying all sorts of bills? Check out 5 undefeated moments in primary school that you’d definitely miss.

1.PTA Meetings.

Who doesn’t want their parents to come in the middle of school? It only means you are getting snacks or money for snacks. Which parent can say no to their child in the presence of their friends?

Now you can’t even go home and steal groceries without your mother shaming you for it. Why did we grow up? PTA meetings also mean you get free periods because the teachers will be in the meeting. As a worker, can you relate?? Even when your boss travels you still have to be in the office 24/7 because you never know who is watching.

2. Fridays.

Fridays used to the beginning of the weekend. You stay in class for just a few hours and then you are back outside playing with your friends till it’s time to go home. You grow up thinking you can have a half day at work on Friday, then you face reality because it’s the same 6pm you are closing.

Well, at least you get to go home and eat rice.

3. Staff Meetings.

What happened to adults going for meetings every week? And why do we have to be part of the meeting? Are we not too young? Why are we in meetings with our fathers and mothers?

Staff meetings used to be fun, because we were not involved. We got free period and sometimes we got to close early. But now, we are in the meetings? What happened? Who changed the rules?

4. Break Time.

Primary school break time was exactly that. Break time from all the photosynthesis and “find x”. Lunch time is basically you eating in a hurry because you have a report to finish before the end of the day or you not going for lunch at all till you are done with the report. Where is the “break” in that?

5. Our Day.

Do we even need to explain? When was the last time you had fun at work? Eating people’s food and dancing to jams?

Not at Serralio or Kimoji Night, but at work? Can someone please send us back to primary school? There are a few things took for granted.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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