5 Things You Should Never Link Your ATM/Momo Number To

Fortunately, everything has become technology. We don’t even need to carry cash anymore, technology does it for us. Unfortunately for us however, this means you can reach into your savings anytime, anywhere and spend it anyhow. Here are 5 things you should never risk linking your money account to else you will die of hunger.

1. Food apps.

If you are trying to save for a house, you should never link your atm/ momo number to any food app like Jumia food or Bolt food. You will crave your way down to poverty if you try this. It is soo easy to say “let me spoil myself”, till it becomes an everyday thing.

2. Online Shopping Websites.

You are randomly scrolling through your favourite shopping site and you see something that would match your new shoes, your Visa card is already linked to the site, how hard will it be for you to clear that thing out of your cart? It is only 15 dollars, you say, till there are 5-6 more 15 dollar bills in your cart.

You being hungry, but still maintaining beauty.

3. Airtime.

It starts from 3.50p till it becomes 3.50p, 5 times a day for Netflix series. That’s when it becomes a problem because it’s so easy for you to buy from your savings account because of an app.

4. Bolt/Uber Rides.

You’d think this is efficient, till you check your balance at the end of the month and realise that you need to calm down with the outings because it is still money that runs the world. Maybe you could pay respects to the ancestors by walking to your destination?

5.App Store.

Have you ever mistakenly bought coins from your savings? You’d be playing a game and you would get lost in it. Before you know, you have bought 1000 golden coins with your last cash.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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