5 Reasons Why You Need A Work Husband/Wife

We do not encourage cheating over here, because we believe that Ghanaian Men and Women do not cheat. However, the work environment is a very stressful one, and if you belong to the unfortunate group who do not work with their partners, then you need to get yourself a sub. How else are you going to handle all the stress at work? Here are 5 strong reasons you can give to your boyfriend/girlfriend to convince them you need a work wife/husband.

1. Sharing the workload.

Think about it, if you get a work wife/husband, you get to share your workload. That way, you are not exhausted when you close so that you can spend a lot of time with the original wife/husband.

2. Pre – Seduction.

Sometimes you need something/someone to put you in the mood and ready for the original Loyl. As such you need the assistance of a work wife/husband. It is not cheating so far as you are not going all the way.

3. Free Lunch.

Imagine a work husband who queues for you when you want beans? Or a work wife who orders two of whatever she gets for lunch because you have not eaten yet. Who doesn’t like free food? Sometimes you may even get extra to give to Original Husband/Wife. Come on.

4. Stress Relief.

On the days when you and the original loyl fight, who is going to help you de-stress so you can concentrate at work? Aside the stress relief, your work wife/husband is a shoulder to cry on and someone to help you see the argument from another angle. That way, the fight between yourself and the original loyl can end.

5. Someone to cover for you.

We have all gotten to work late, left a little early or wanted a day free from work. You definitely need an inside man/woman to testify on your behalf. Who better than the one who is seen to be your closest friend in the office? Thanks to this person you can go on a breakfast date or Netflix and chill with your original husband/wife on a weekday.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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