5 People Share Their Worst Gift Experience

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Gift-giving can be a pain in the ass when you aren’t sure of what to give but we tried to make it easier on you in this article. We wanted to know how bad people had it with gifts and so we asked y’all on our Instagram stories to share some of the worst gifts you’ve received. Most of the responses had to do with the fact that, people don’t like to listen and observe. People always show you what they want. You need to pay attention.

1. Francisca, 25 years

It was one of those Christmas exchange of gifts at church. The person I picked got a number of things from me. I knew her and guessed her size and so I got her a whole outfit; a dress, shoes and a bag to match. I got to church and whoever picked me gave me a mug. A mug. It had no inscription on it. It was just a mug. I was so disappointed. I put so much thought into my gift so why couldn’t they? It felt like they even forgot and it was a last-minute thing. I still want to know who it was.

2. Moses, 23 years

I think the worst gift I’ve had was when I was 21 years dating a 19-year-old girl. It was my birthday and I was excited because prior to the day she kept asking me what I wanted and I kept hinting on a particular Nike sneaker. Now the day had come and I got the gift from her. Tell me why I unwrapped it and it was literally boxers, singlets and socks? I was so confused and tears were in my eyes because I was really excited. Maybe I was expecting too much from a 19 year-old-girl.

3. Kukua, 24 years

Nothing. It was my birthday and I literally got nothing from my boyfriend. It wasn’t like I was expecting something big but not even a biscuit? After I kept hinting about stuff I wanted? What broke my heart was the fact that I went over the next day to hang out and I randomly opened a chat from an unsaved number only to see that the person told him not to get me anything when he asked her what she thought a girl would like. I scrolled up a bit and saw that they were in a full-blown relationship. Worst birthday ever.

4. Nii, 26 years

So I was sort of dating this girl and she ordered a gift for me. They were a bunch of really cool T-shirts with very very funny quotes on the front. The delivery was going to take about a month but we stopped talking midway and the shirts never came. They were so cool and I was really looking forward to having and wearing them.

5. Irene, 22 years

This one is funny but that’s the only experience I can remember. My sister is the worst “gifter”. It was my 20th birthday and since everyone was making a big deal about it, she wanted to be a part of all of it. I got a gift from her at the end of the day. When I unwrapped it, it was a Word Puzzle book that she had solved the ones in the middle. That’s how I knew the book was hers and she just wanted everyone to know she had gotten me a gift too. Well, in hindsight, she was 12 years so.

How about you? What’s the worst gift experience you’ve had? Let us know in the comments section.

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