4 Gift Ideas That Aren’t Originally Ghanaian

Culture has and will always be dynamic and so it’s actually no surprise that things have changed so much as compared to previous times. A typical example is gift-giving. Previously if you wanted to win a woman’s heart, the best way to show how much you appreciated her was by giving her large pieces of cloth. Fast-forward to today, if you give any young person a piece of cloth, it’s fine but it will not get you the type of reaction you’ll get from our mothers and the older generation. Here are some gifts ideas that are not originally Ghanaian.

1. Teddy Bears

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The Valentine’s teddy bear was introduced in 1902 he rapidly became a favourite gift for men to give to their wives and girlfriends to express their romantic feelings. It was to provide a hug and a feeling of warmth and love. Something for the loved one to keep close and remind them of their lover. In as much as you see them mostly on Valentine’s day, they are usually also given as birthday gifts.

2. Bouquet of flowers

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The act of giving flowers dates back to the Middle Ages and was popular among the English and the French. Flowers are meant to connect with emotion, whether it’s love, joy, affection, appreciation, sympathy, romance or apologies. Flower-giving communicates the deepest feelings in the most elegant manner.

3. Chocolate

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The tradition of the box of chocolates or chocolate baskets as we know it today goes back as far as 1853 when the Cadbury company took advantage of falling import costs and created the first box of chocolates. It benefitted also from the rising popularity of Valentine’s Day as a gift-giving holiday and they started to sell chocolate in attractive patterned boxes. (Source: floraqueen.com)

4. Buying/gifting a car because your kid/family member is 18 years

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We used to see them in movies but we soon realised that the rich or parents who can afford them actually gift their kids cars for different celebrations. Turning 18 years old, finishing with a first-class, finishing school in general or the fact that you can drive and the car is just home.

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