3 Affordable Places You Can Get Clothes If You’re On The Legon Campus

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Clothes are one of the money traps that you’re going to struggle with, in university. If you consider yourself a fashionable person, you might end up struggling with shopping for new threads while staying within your budget. Even if you’re not fashionable, it’s always handy to know where you can get some affordable clothing items.

Getting Familiar With The Sellers Who Come Around

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There are some people on campus who go from hall to hall selling t-shirts, sneakers and other items of clothing to students. And let’s face it sometimes those people have bad timing. They come around when you’re going through a broke phase and you can’t buy their stuff that you really like. Here’s the hack; just be honest, be friendly and then ask for their number. And just like that, you have a sneaker or shirt plug.

You Can Get Clothes From Madina

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Legon is close enough to Madina that you can get there with one tro tro and a thirty-minute ride. Once you get down at the last stop, you’re going to have different clothes sellers calling you to buy from them. You’ll find things that you really like, and they aren’t going to be too expensive.

Bush Canteen

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Right about now, you’re thinking, ‘Really? Bush Canteen?’ Well, yes. If you’re looking to get some new boxers, singlets, inner tees or even socks, you want to go to Bush Canteen. You’ll get them for really affordable prices and you wouldn’t have even left campus.

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