The Appropriate Way To Build Connections On LinkedIn After School

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After you’re done creating your LinkedIn profile and filling in your information, it’s time to start making some connections. These connections are the reason why you’re on LinkedIn in the first place. And just to clarify, making connections on LinkedIn isn’t just finding a person’s account and clicking on connect. In order to make any meaningful connections on LinkedIn, here’s how to go about it.

Send Personalized Connection Requests

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When you’re trying to make a new connection, it makes all the difference if you send a personalized connection message with your request. Figuring out how to send a personalized message is easy. First, navigate to the profile of the person that you would like to connect with and click the connect button. Now, you have the option of adding a note. Click ‘add note’ and leave your personalized message in the text field.

Figuring out how to send a personalized message isn’t too hard, however, finding the right message to send along with your connection request is a whole other thing.

There’s Such A Thing As Being Too Direct

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You would never walk into a bank and ask the manager to give you a job. Things like that, that you wouldn’t do in real life, you shouldn’t do on LinkedIn either. You can’t just send messages to your connections that you want a job, you have to build a relationship. And that starts with composing an appropriate note to send with your connection request.

Look For The Things That You Have In Common

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You can personalize your connection requests to the people that you’re sending them to by first learning about those people. You can learn a lot about a person through a simple Google search or by looking through their LinkedIn profile. Once you’ve found some things that you have in common, it’s easier to send a message that they’ll respond to. For example:

‘Hello, Sir. I noticed that you played football while you were in university. I was also on the Legon school team, and I’m greatly interested in Finance. I would love to connect and learn about the team while you were in school and discuss getting into the finance field. Looking forward to a favourable response.’

Make Your Note As Interesting As You Can

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The point of sending a personalized note is that you’re trying to connect with the person that you’re sending the note to even before they’ve accepted your connection request. Try as much as possible not to make your note bland to encourage them to respond to it.



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