If You Don’t Follow These 5 Commandments For Cooking Jollof, Disgrace Will Be Your Portion

Jollof is an amazing meal that different African countries cook. The Jollof war has and will always be there as no country wants to admit that the other does it better. Here in Ghana, with the way we cook it, if you’re not careful, the food will disgrace you. We’ve compiled these 5 commandments to guide you so you don’t fall short when everyone is expectant.

1. Cooking Jollof is a calling

Know this and know peace. If jollof hasn’t called you, it will disgrace you in public. Cook rice and stew and be free.

2. If you don’t have time, don’t start

Jollof needs your unending attention for a while otherwise it will get burnt. If you do not have the time to be going up and down to check on it, why start in the first place?

3. Ignore the voices that tell you to add water


Believe you me. Those voices are from hell. Steam cooks Jollof. The more you add water, the higher the chances your jollof will become “Jollof water.”

4. Don’t bother trying to use Jollof to impress anyone. Ego over you.


If you don’t regularly cook Jollof, you don’t randomly stand up to try and prepare it for your crush. It will shock you. You will be “overed.” Don’t do it.

5. Ignore the voice that tells you to doze small

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That’s how you’ll end up with half-cooked rice in a burnt saucepan. Trust us. Don’t do it. You need to be always checking the Jollof like a soldier otherwise you’ll end up eating kanzo instead of proper rice.

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