How To Get LinkedIn Recommendations If You’ve Never Asked For One

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On social media, it’s easy to be affected by other people’s opinions. That’s the reason why you’re more likely to like a picture that already has thousands of likes. It’s the same with LinkedIn. When someone is trying to form a professional opinion about you, it helps to see that other people also think highly of you. And that’s why the recommendation feature is one of the best parts of LinkedIn. All the praise from your coworkers and bosses (both past and present) will be available on your profile for everyone else to see. How do you go about getting recommendations though?

It’s Easy To Ask For A Recommendation If You’re Connected

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It’s easy to ask for a recommendation using LinkedIn when you’re connected to someone. In order to do that, you just have to go to the profile of the person that you want to recommend you. Click the ‘more’ button and you should see an option for ‘ask to be recommended.’ Once you’ve selected that option, you’ll have the chance to add a note to your recommendation request. Make sure you personalize the note for the person you’re asking to recommend you.

Ask People That You’ve Actually Worked With

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Although you can ask for a recommendation from anyone that you’re connected with, it doesn’t mean you should. What exactly are the people who haven’t interacted with you in real life supposed to say. Instead, ask for recommendations from lecturers and TAs that you’re connected with, your supervisors from places that you’ve interned/NSS and people with who you’ve actually worked closely in real life.

Ask For Your Recommendation At The Right Time

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When you’re asking for a recommendation, whether it’s from NSS supervisors or even during an internship, you want to get the timing right. If you’re performing badly and you ask for a recommendation, it’s only going to annoy the person that you’re making your request to. Ask for your recommendation after a ‘win’ and you’re more likely to get it and have it be a good one.



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