Here’s How LinkedIn Can Help You Transition From Student To Part Of The Workforce

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Graduating from the university is one of the most exciting parts of your university experience. However, that entire experience is always set against the backdrop of losing your final safety net and being thrown into adulthood. We’re left wondering anxiously, what comes next. And here’s where LinkedIn can help smoothen the transition for you and help smoothly become a part of the workforce.

LinkedIn Allows You Direct Access To Companies

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Imagine walking into the office building of a company that you’re interested in. The chances of you making it past reception are very slim. However, on LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to reach out directly to high ranking members of an organization. Of course, there are nuances to making connections on LinkedIn and networking to get job opportunities. You don’t just go texting people that you want a job.

LinkedIn Allows Your Previous Employers To Keep Up With Your Career

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During your NSS and internships, there are going to be people who promise to reach out when there’s a job opportunity available. However, that’s not always going to work out because … well, out of sight, out of mind. Having an active LinkedIn profile, and connecting with everyone that you’ve ever worked with will allow you to stay in touch. They can see your career progression, keep up with your skills and will be more likely to let you know whenever there’s a relevant job opening.

LinkedIn Captures More Than Your CV Can

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LinkedIn is the place to put all your achievements. Whereas your CV is supposed to be limited to just a page or two, your LinkedIn profile can capture your passions, interests, grades, achievements and so much more, right from your first year of university to graduation and beyond that.

LinkedIn Can Help Your Career Progression Even If It’s Not Where You Find A Job

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

On LinkedIn, you are able to start conversations with leaders of the industry, newly employed graduates and all different types of people. Above just landing a job, you’re able to figure out what you don’t want in a career and what you do want. In talking to people and learning about their experiences, you get a better understanding of the Ghanaian job market and how to find your place in it.



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