Errdem: The Young Dynamic Photographer Showing Us A New Way To Appreciate The Black Aesthetic

Edem Adjah (Errdem) | image via Instagram/@err.dem

Born Edem Adjah, Errdem fell in love with beautiful images at a very young age due to the many pictures that were displayed in the rooms of his house, which were mostly of his mother captured by his father.

“She was the muse and my dad took a lot of pictures of her even before I was born,” he said.

Edem Adjah (Errdem) | image via Instagram/@err.dem

The stunning photographs captured by his father influenced him a lot growing up, propelling Errdem to follow his father’s footsteps by taking the path of photography.

“2013 was when I knew I wanted to capture beautiful images rather than just loving and looking at them from a distance.”

“But I didn’t have a camera to pursue my dream of taking beautiful images then. In 2019, I decided to get a polaroid camera with films because I couldn’t afford a DSLR camera and began taking pictures of my friends every time we went out,” Errdem revealed on how he started his photography career.

Though he loved the images he got from the polaroid camera, Errdem wanted to learn and explore more to master the art of photography.

“I got into illustration and 3D after that and still wasn’t satisfied. When 2020 was almost over, I decided that even without a camera, I can get into colour grading\editing so that when I get a camera, I don’t have to start from scratch but rather pick up.”

“One week into March 2021, a friend gave me his DSLR camera he wasn’t using but I didn’t start shooting right away. I watched a lot of YouTube videos from behind the scene to editing. And eventually had my first shoot ever on the 23rd of March and have been happier ever since,” he revealed.

Though new to professional photography, Errdem has worked with brands and personalities including Rails of London, Blend, Cavalry, Ivory Osidan, Sofie, KiDi, and DJ Breezy.

He also hopes to work and collaborate with others including Amaarae, Joey B, $pacely, King Promise, R2bees, Darkovibes, Superjazzclub, Dee Moneey, Free The Youth, Ajabeng, Jermaine Bleu, Ameetemy, Darkor’s, and Christie Brown.

He is inspired by the works of renowned photographers including James Banor, Micaiah Carter, Tyler Mitchell, Renell Medrano, Joshua Kissi and Carlos Idun-Tawiah.

For Errdem, the ability to capture moments that he will never get to experience again is what makes him love photography even more.

“The story of every photograph of mine is very special to me. The fact that my images can bring a smile on someone’s face and the fact that I get to capture a moment that lasts forever… those moments I capture will live forever,” he said.

This feeling has influenced the kind of photography Errdem mostly does at the moment. He loves to do portrait photography and “just being in someone’s face, capturing their essence.”

Errdem, however, doesn’t want to limit himself as a young photographer to a specific style and he wants to try other forms of photography with the end goal of discovering and capturing a new black aesthetic.

“I don’t want to do what everyone is doing. I want to do something different. I want to add something new to the photography game.”

“The continent of Africa is so beautiful – from our culture to our amazing sceneries. I want to capture every corner of Africa… my main focus is to capture Africa to the world… blackness to represent Africa and Ghana, to inspire a new black aesthetic. So my focus is working across on a variety of genres to discover and capture a new black aesthetic.” he explained.


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