5 Questions That Will Lead You To Getting The Perfect Gift

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Gift giving can be an extreme sport. You want it to be something that will be loved by the recipient. You want to come across as thoughtful and you want to make a lasting impression. Finding the perfect gift can be a struggle and so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you in that department.

The key to getting the perfect gift is to ask the recipient the right questions so you can focus your search and not waste too much time.

1. What do they need?

At every point in time we all need something particular. Maybe their laptop is extremely old and giving them problems and you have the means to get a new one. Do it. Once you ask what they need, you would probably get a myriad of stuff. All you now need to do is look through the list and get an item or 2 within your budget.

2. What do they like to do in their free time?

Once you know this you’ll have different ideas of what you can get them. Do they like to be at the gym? Get them gym items. Do they love the movies? Take them there or even offer to pay for their Netflix subscription for a number of months. Be creative about the stuff you’re thinking about.

3. What has changed recently?

Maybe they’ve changed jobs or changed where they live. Chances are, they don’t have everything needed to survive in their new space of environment and so ask questions. Look around and find something that will clearly make a lot of difference in their lives. Remember that a functional gift is much much more important as compared to getting a generic present.

4. Can you do something together?

This is very important especially if you haven’t spent as much time together as you need to because of how busy your schedules are. If there’s a chance that you can do something together, do it!

5. Do they have a favourite indulgence?

If you want to get them something along the lines of food, you need to know exactly what they love to eat or snack on and go crazy with that information. It may not break the bank but it’s super personal and is a “feel good” gift. Once again, be creative about the packaging and everything.

Remember to be subtle about your questioning especially if you want them surprised.

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