5 Annoying Things People Say That Push Broke People To Violence

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It’s the middle of the month and some of us are already feeling the heat because we are broke. If you’re a part of this group, you’ll be able to relate with these statements a lot of people think are harmless but are deeply irritating and annoying.

1. Calling you “boss”

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Are we jokes to you? Why are you mocking us? We take offence because when we look at our account balance, it doesn’t correspond to the title given to us.

2. Telling us if we saved more, we would have more money

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Who said we don’t save (or attempt to)? Some of us are basically living from hand to mouth! We need all the money we can collect and live on please. Don’t come and stress us with your advice abeg.

3. When you’re tired from the 3rd job you’re doing in the day and someone says “outsource”

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Outsource? Outsource job that you need to survive? You have bills to pay and take care of people you haven’t given birth to. You need every single pesewa you can gather.

4. People always asking how you of all people are broke

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Meaning what? If we are broke do we have to wear rags and look hungry (even if we are)? It is all branding chale. “Sofferin” but maintaining beauty.

5. Rich people saying they’re broke

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Once again, are we jokes to you? Even in your broke state, you’re ordering food while we are forced to eat angwammo with no protein for the third time during this week. It is not a poverty competition but let’s be serious here okay?

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