Secure Your Server Now With iTop VPN

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In this world full of scammers and hackers, is your online privacy and server secure? What if I say that someone is spying on all of your online activities? A terrible thought, is not it? Need some help with that? Don’t worry, we have an iTop VPN. VPN or a Virtual private network is what you can call ‘a ready-made solution for all of your server and privacy issues’. And guess what we have the best one!

iTop VPN brings you the best and the most secure VPN experience ever. It acts as an interconnection between the client’s computer and host servers. It secures your online privacy by assigning you an anonymous and private IP address. So, that you can go on with all of your activities without any hesitation. Hence, it is a trustworthy VPN that will not compromise your privacy and security. And best of all, iTop provides you with a FREE VPN service.

Is iTop VPN legal to use?

iTop VPN software is surely legal to use as it is just a measure to protect your privacy. So, don’t worry you are not breaking any law. 


  • 100% FREE; rare free VPN which will never sell your data to third parties.
  • No log-in or sign-up is required.
  • Unlike other free VPNs, iTop VPN is faster, easier, and reliable.
  • Security via best-in-class encryption.
  • It Breaks geo-restriction to give you free access to the content of desire.

What makes iTop VPN unique?

  • A single tap connects you to the entire world out there (up to 5 devices at a time).
  • ‘Smart Location’ feature automatically chooses the server of interest.
  • ‘Network Protocol’ fulfills your internet needs more safely.
  • ‘Boundless bandwidth’ gives you a faster experience than you have ever had.
  • Automatic fixation of bugs; protects your PC and your online data from hackers.
  • You can VPN download easily from the official site of iTop VPN. 
  • ‘Browser privacy’ for safe browsing.
  • Ad-block service for Ad-free surfing.
  • Provides 3 modes: Safeguard mode (for utmost privacy protection), Balance mode (flexible online surfing), and Game mode (for ultra-fast gaming).
  • A global network of:

1800+ services

100+ locations

What does iTop VPN provide you?

  • Access to any social media app (Tick Tock, Whatsapp, Skype, etc) 
  • Unblock any restricted website.
  • Unrestricted access to videos, music, etc.
  • Hides IP and encrypts your network so that your identity or activity could not be monitored or controlled by anyone.

Why people use VPNs:

  • To ensure security on public Wi-Fi.
  • To overcome privacy concerns related to Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • To access restricted websites or any other content.
  • The majority of people use VPNs for a better entertainment experience.
  • Save your money; you don’t have to invest money on subscriptions.

Limitations of other VPNs:

VPN is a tool for online protection but if someone targets you specifically; a VPN can be tricked by certain malware and even with VPN, website cookies keep an eye on our internet usage even after we have left the sites. iTop VPN  provides you the advantage that it constantly removes the browsing data and checks for malware. So, don’t hesitate to download the iTop VPN for PC now!



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